Terms & Conditions

Bike and Hike specialises in high quality private cycling and hiking tours for individuals, couples, families and groups. Many of the activities are outdoors and in Nature Reserves or National Parks. Our trips are carefully researched, designed and executed by experienced tour leaders to ensure maximum safety and enjoyment.

Cancellation Policy:

  1.   Reservations are confirmed upon receipt of the full amount due. Once payment has been received and processed they are only refundable as per the conditions below:
  2. Day Tours: more than 48hrs prior to tour*
  3. Group bookings: more than 14 days prior to tour
  4. Multi-day trips: more than 30 days prior to tour

No refunds shall be entertained within the stipulated timeframes outlined above. This includes but not limited to inclement weather or delayed travel arrangements.

  1. In the event of a “no-show” or cancellation see point 1 above. Cancellation fees will be charged regardless of the reason for the cancellation. Please note that the cancellation must be made in writing via email or fax and has not been deemed received by Bike & Hike unless confirmed in writing by Bike & Hike.
  2. Single supplements are charged for single travellers and discounts are available for groups of six or more.
  3. Prices are subject to availability and can change without prior notice unless confirmed.
  4. The owners and management of Bike and Hike cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to the property or for any possessions of the guest participating in a trip.
  5.  Bike and Hike Full Terms and Conditions can be viewed on the website.
  6. Bike and Hike reserves the right to cancel reservations due to unexpected occurrences without forewarning. In such a case, full refund of any payments received shall constitute full settlement. Bike and Hike cannot assume responsibility for any loss incurred on account of non-refundable air or travel tickets.

*PLEASE NOTE: the required 48hour period does not apply to trade partner bookings. Cancellation notices need to be received at least 14-days prior to the departure date and time


To make your reservation please contact the Bike and Hike  office by e-mail or phone OR book directly through our simple and secure online booking service. By booking through our online platform, guests confirm that you have read and agree to these terms. Quotes are valid for one month after which prices can be subject to change. As Bike and Hike is a South African registered company all reservations shall be deemed to have been concluded in South Africa and shall be interpreted according to the laws in Republic of South Africa.


Bike and Hike will not be held liable in any way for inclement weather that may cause alterations to the tour itinerary. In the case of weather preventing any activities from being run, Bike and Hike reserves the right to move that activity to another day or combine it with existing itinerary activities. In the event where activities cannot be run, swopped, rescheduled or substituted, Bike and Hike will refund the client the net value of that activity.

Group size:

Bike and Hike itineraries are customised to suit your group requirements and thus other Bike and Hike clients are never included on your experience. This applies to group bookings (8 or more people) only. Private tours are also available upon request.

Travel Requirements:

Valid passports are needed for all tours outside your country of origin. Please note travellers require TWO blank pages in passport to allow entry into South Africa.

If you travelling with children (under 18), new rules apply from 1 June 2015. If you’re travelling to South Africa or transiting through a South African airport with a child you must be able to produce the child’s original full unabridged birth certificate. The full unabridged birth certificate should list the child’s details and both parents’ details. Certified copies or the abridged (or short) birth certificate which only lists the child’s details won’t be accepted. For more information click here

Visa arrangements are entirely the client’s responsibility and Bike and Hike accepts no responsibility in the event that these are not completed in time for departure.

Medical issues:

South Africa has excellent health services and doctors with some of the best training in the world. There are adequate hospitals and medical care facilities throughout the country. In rural areas however, the distance to such adequate facilities can be far. Similarly, the cost of world class private medical treatment is high. As such visitors should ensure that they have sufficient medical insurance to cover any medical emergency situation should the need arise.

Malaria is found only in the Lowveld of Mpumalanga and Limpopo and on the Maputaland coast of KwaZulu-Natal. Malaria is at low risk in the winter months and is not prominent in Cape Town. It is only possible to contract malaria by being bitten by an infected mosquito – however, when visiting these areas it is advisable to take the necessary safety and medical precautions. Use mosquito nets and an insect repellent to avoid being bitten. In addition, medication can be taken and should be taken according to the instructions given.

Bike and Hike can advice on medical issues once a booking is made, but we advise consulting with your doctor or travel clinic

beforehand It is important that Bike and Hike is made aware of any prior medical conditions amongst any of the travelling group members, upon booking of the tour. Once bookings are made it is not possible to make substitute arrangements if this information is not forthcoming at the time of confirmation.


Because of the active nature of the tours, comprehensive travel insurance is obligatory for all guests. It is the guest’s

responsibility to ensure they have the right policy and paperwork. The insurance must include the cost of repatriation and helicopter rescue if the client becomes too ill to continue. We reserve the right to cancel bookings at any time if we are not satisfied that adequate insurance is in place for participants. Guests will be liable to reimburse Bike and Hike for any money paid by us on their behalf for emergency medical transportation, repatriation, doctor and hospital costs and any other expenses related to illness if they become too ill or injured to continue on the trip.


Every precaution is taken on tour to ensure all clients safety however Bike and Hike accepts no responsibility for any person as a result of any reasons whatsoever. Tours of this nature involve physical activity that can be demanding, depending on the condition of the traveller, and involve risk of serious personal injury, including permanent disability and death from accident, illness or the negligence of other persons. Medical facilities and services may not be easily accessible and may not be sophisticated as in your home country. There are other risks associated with the trips, such as theft or loss of or damage to property. In addition, some of the services provided in connection with the trip, including lodging, transportation, food service and local tours and activities, are obtained from independent suppliers over whom Bike and Hike  has limited control. All clients are asked to sign an indemnity form on or prior to the departure date of the tour. No client will be allowed to commence a tour without having signed an indemnity form. The costs of all Bike and Hike trips are priced on the basis of travellers agreeing to this Limitation of Liability, Release and Indemnity. In consideration for participating in the trips travellers agree not to sue Bike and Hike in respect of, and forever release them from, all liability for economic loss and physical or mental injury, direct or indirect, arising in connection with the trip—including without limitation, permanent disability and death; any emotional distress; any loss of services, financial support, aid, consortium or companionship; and any damage to or loss of property—in each case even if caused in whole or in part by the conduct, including the negligence, of Bike and Hike  or its employees, except where such loss, injury or damage is caused by the reckless or fraudulent conduct on the part of Bike and Hike, or its employees, guides, or directors in which case the traveller retains the right to sue only Bike and Hike . Travellers further agree that they will hold Bike and Hike harmless in respect of any claims arising in connection with the trip made by: i) the traveller’s family members, dependants or heirs, or ii) third parties, which the traveller, their estate, their family members, dependants or heirs have sued, if damages are recovered from such third parties, to the extent the third party obtains any indemnification from Bike and Hike; except where the loss, injury, death or damage is caused by the reckless or fraudulent conduct on the part of Bike and Hike  employees, guides, or directors.

Bike and Hike reserves the right to decline accepting or retaining any traveller whose health or actions in Bike and Hike’s sole judgement impede the operation of a trip or the welfare or enjoyment of fellow travellers. On a trip of this nature, it is necessary for you to abide by the authority of the Tour Leader, who represents Bike and Hike. The decision of the leader as to the conduct, itinerary and objectives of the tour is final. Signing our booking form signifies your agreement to this. If in the opinion of the leader your behaviour or physical condition is detrimental to the safety, welfare and well-being of the group as a whole (which are the paramount considerations), or if the leader considers your general well-being will be put at risk by continuing with the trip, you may be asked to leave the tour without the right to any refund.

In further consideration for participating in the trip, travellers agree that Bike and Hike or their designate may use any photographic or film records of the trips for promotional purposes, without any remuneration to the traveller. The traveller agrees to assign all right, title, and interest they may have in or to any media in which their name or likeness might be used to Bike and Hike.