Giving Back

We want to be involved in a project that is meaningful to Bike and Hike, its clients, partners and most of all the community itself.

Our goal is to empower and improve lives on the ground through tourism.

We have chosen to partner with Velokhaya BMX Oval and Life Cycling Academy based in the township of Khayelitsha.  This established and well-run centre, encourages young kids to stay off the street and become active  in a sport – cycling. Cycling at Velokhaya provides an entry point to education and healthy living. The centre comprises of a gym, library, state of the art computer centre, mentorship programmes and much more.

One of our specialist guides started at Velokhaya as a mentor. His love of cycling and passion for people (especially children!) is infectious. Bike and Hike share these values and we would like to contribute in a project close to home.

How it works:

  • Each and every tour booked by you, includes a pre-set contribution towards the Bike and Hike project that is recorded on a Project board located at the Velokhaya Lifestyle Centre.
  • Funds raised and project outcomes will be visible for all to see. Guests on the “Township Tour” start at this centre and are welcome to take photos as memories of their visit

We want to ensure the community receives maximum value from this project and Bike and Hike management will therefore request regular updates and reports from the Centre to ensure progress and transparency as and when projects are undertaken.

We look forward to making a positive difference with your support.